18 things to know before buying a Keychron Q1 Mechanical Keyboard

We are no strangers to the massive hype the Keychron Q1 is building up online. What's not to love about it? Very accesible pricing, made to be modded, and it even sounds good with some nice switches! However, if you are like me, you will be looking for every peice of information to make sure the Q1 is the right keyboard for you. Fear not. We have compiled a list of the most frequent questions that you will surely want to know before pulling the trigger on the Q1. Eloquent Clicks is a keyboard online store, based in Spain. We are official Keychron distributors and we are very excited what Keychron is doing within the budget space of the keyboard hobby. Let us know what you think. Did this guide help you at all? Are you hyped up for the Q1? Join our discord server and let us know your thoughts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8ZgD3QQTqY Q: What plates will be available? A: Alu(base), FR4, PC 3. Q: What switches will be available? A: Gateron Pros(Phantoms) Q: Will QMK/VIA be supported? A: Yes it will has native QMK/VIA support since day 1 Q: Is the Q1 3 or 5 pin? A: 5 pin Q: How many keys does the Q1 have? A: The Q1 has 82 Keys Q: What foam does the Q1 use? A: EVA Q: What gaskets does the Q1 use? A: Poron Q: What colors will be available? A: Black, Grey, Navy; e-White will be added later Q: Can we buy the brass weight later and add it into the first batch of the Q1? A: No, there will be a bottom with cutout for the brass weight later you would have to buy separately Q: Can we buy the knob PCB later and add it into the first batch of the Q1? A: Yes you can, the knob PCB will fit into the first batch of boards Q: Will the Q1 be available as a barebone kit? A: Yes. Keychron Q1 versions: barebone and basic kit. The basic kit comes with Gateron G Pro series switches and double shot ABS keycaps of your choice, while the barebone kit comes with everything except the switches and keycaps. Q: What specific accessories will be available for customers to purchase separately? A: Accessories include badges, PBT keycaps, switches, custom cable, and a couple of others that will be sold as extra Q: Since the badge is an accessory, what happens if I buy the kit without the badge? And what about the knob? A: There will be a switch on that slot. Customers can pull the switch out and install the badge. The knob will be sold with another PCB since the knob is not detachable and the knob will be released later. Q: Can the Q1 be compatible with Durock stabilizers? A: We have done multiple tests on the Keychron Q1 and it is compatible with the Durock V2 and Cherry stabilizers. Q: Is Keychron Q1 aluminum? A: Built to withstand life’s hard knocks, the Keychron Q1 comes with CNC 6063 aluminum with an anodized matte finish. The Q1 feels and weighs premium. Q: Is Keychron Q1 Bluetooth / wireless compatible? A: No, there is no QMK compatible Bluetooth keyboard on the market so far. Wireless is something we are working hard towards but still need more time to design because this will be the first-ever in the industry. Q: Will you develop more QMK customizable mechanical keyboards? A: Sure, we are also thrilled to share with you that we will launch more Q series keyboards like the Q2 with 65% layout, Q3, Q4 with different layouts like TKL, and 96% in the near future.