Guide: What is the best Mechanical Keyboard switch 👇

Tired of the classic switch cherry MX, may that be MX Reds or MX Browns? However, there are seas of options, like Gazzew Boba U4Ts or Gateron Black Inks. Unlike mainstream switches, mechanical keyboard for switches aimed for enthusiasts are often the most fun to use. 

Today, we will write up a guide that explains what makes switches special, what to look out for when you are buying switches for your custom mechanical keyboard.

Please Note: We try to cover the most important aspects of keyboard switches, based on our own experience. Why should you trust us? We run Eloquent Clicks, a keyboard online store, so we have had the opportunity to try many different type of switches. Hopefully, with this guide, you will be able to find the switch that most suits your taste.

Switch Basics: How it all started

It used to be that people bought a brand new Mars Gaming, Corsair, or Razer keyboard, and that was about it. The keyboard, and the typing experience, it offered remained unchanged. Not anymore.

Ever since custom mechanical keyboards became a thing, the global keyboard community has spent time and effort to develop switches that will produce a different sounds and feels. Nowadays, the market is full of switches that seduce customers to try many different switches to find their preferred switch.

Switches main parts

Cherry MX Blue, MX Brown, MX Black First, we need to know some of the switch parts to understand what makes a switch special. These different components, or their combination, are the ones that make a switch feel or sound a particular way.

Here is a summary:

These pieces can be made of Nylon, Polycarbonate, UHMWPE, POM, and other plastic mixes that are not disclosed.

Every keyboard switch is compromised by 4 different parts. 

Switch Top Housing Bottom Housing  Stem
Cherry MX Nylon Nylon “Custom Blend” (POM)
Kailh Cream POM POM POM
Tecsee Purple Panda PME PME POM
Gateron Oil King Nylon Ink based POM

Each plastic has its own characterics and produces different levels of smoothness and sound. We highly encourage trying different switches.

What are the Best Switches?

NONE! The only perfect switch is that one that suits your taste! We will provide some suggestions to steer you along the way. These are some of our most popular switches.

We will show give you some of our thoughts on each switch.


Gateron Yellow – Community favorite. Cheap, but incredibly smooth.
Gateron Ink Black v2 – High End switch. Long time community favorite for its smoothness.
Gateron Oil King – Smooth, top heavy linear, with new facttury lube process. Kailh Pro Burgundy – Popular Cream stem alternative.
Boba LT  – Long-pole linear with great stock performance, and poppy sound.


Boba U4T – Large Tactile bump. One of the best tactiles in the market
Boba U4 – Same as the U4T, but silent
Durock T1  – Tactile, comes slightly lubed, with reduced scratch. 


Kailh Box Navy – Popular for its satisfactory click!

Switch/Mechanical Keyboard Communities + Resources

Chat with us in Discord about your favorite keyboard switch
r/Switchmodders  – Subreddit for switch enthusiasts and modders r/MechanicalKeyboards – General mechanical keyboard subreddit. Keebtalk – General mechanical keyboard website, where many switch topics are discussed.


Hope this helped you decide your way into your next switch. If you have any questions, do not hesitate in contacting us and our community within our discord server. you can always visit us on our discord server and chat with us on all things keyboards.

We are a keyboard vendor based in Spain, we love keyboards so much, we have dedicated our lives to all things keyboards!