Woob's GMMK PRO Unprofessional "Review"

The GMMK PRO, designed by the gamer peripheral brand "Glorious", is now somewhat widely available around the world and many begin to wonder if this is the right keyboard to buy for them. In this unprofessional guide, our goal is not to help you decide if this is the right keyboard for you. Instead, we will focus on who this keyboard is targeted to, what goals does it hope to accomplish within the scene, and lastly, and talk about some of the things that the public will witness post 1 month of using the GMMK PRO on a daily basis.

TLDR Takeaway Points The GMMK Pro is a strong contender as an entry-level keyboard. It is good for someone who is trying to get into the scene of mechanical keyboards. Its design is decent, acoustics are good, thanks to its double foam layer (case and plate foam), and offers a decent bang for your buck. However, this is not to say the GMMK PRO is the final and best answer for entry-level shoppers. we would advise to also visit other entry-level options that exist for around the same price and arrive at a more complete decision. A few pointers are: TOFU75 or other sizes, ID80, Ikki68, KBD67 Lite, and the list goes on. Things we liked: Not a bad looking keyboard! (depending how much you like Glorious branding)Interesting Gasket MountWell done acoustics Hotswap (can take switches in and out)Rotary KnobLots of rooms for mods!Sturdy, solid, and heavy Things we did not like Gasket mount does not flex enoughBad Stabilizers, with full of pinging and rattling Inconsistent lubing, often overlubed stabilizers The GMMK PRO and The Brand The GMMK PRO, just like its parent brand, shares many traits. Glorious, before the GMMK PRO, became worldwide renowned for their innovations in the mouse space. The Glorious model O was lauded as one of the best mouses to get for the money. In a similar fashion, the GMMK PRO follows the same pattern of the Glorious O. Glorious products tend to have a disruptive effect in the industry, they focus on high value- mid-low-cost discussions, while perhaps also avoiding some of the unsavory caveats of their products. The GMMK PRO is considered an entry-level keyboard within the enthusiast scene. It provides many features that elevate the "gaming keyboard landscape" while doing so at a very accessible price (something thought impossible before) But because of this, we find that the GMMK PRO is at a core disparity. A product, in between 2 audiences, that do not know which to please more. On one hand, we have the enthusiasts, who can appreciate the value proposition, the gasket mount design, however, the keyboard never fully commits to those features. While on the other, we have a gamer consumer crowd, who is not looking to overcomplicate their outputs, and often looks for a high-quality keyboard, but without much of the time-consuming elements of the keyboard hobby. But at the same time, the keyboard also requires some modding to be usable. The Stabilizers The GMMK PRO is meant to be a keyboard that one can pick up and use. It would seem that is perfect for a gamer who does not want to dabble into the most time-consuming elements of the keyboard hobby.

When we unboxed our GMMK PRO and placed our switches and keycaps, we realized that the stabilizers continuously stuck to the bottom of the plate, rendering the keyboard useless. After inspecting the stabilizers, we discovered the problem, the stabilizers were over lubed, causing stickiness when typing. Quickly we realized that we noticed that in order for this keyboard to be usable. We had to completely wipe the factory lube, something that is always way harder than it seems. Once we did wipe as much as we could, the true nature of the stabilizers is revealed. The GOAT stabilizers are rattly, noisy, and do not provide a stable base for the keycaps. We fear that those customers that were expecting an amazing "out of the box experience" might be an unsavory surprise. For the keyboard enthusiasts who are used to lubing and cleaning lube. Although annoying, this is but an easy obstacle, where the stabs can be cleaned and then re-lubed or replace the stabilizers altogether. Literally oozing Conclusion While we generally recommend this board. We do so with a caveat. If you have been a keyboard fan for some time, prepare to tweak and tune the keyboard to your liking. The gasket mount is rather stiff and the stabilizers are downright bad. If you are a newcomer into the keyboard space, be aware of these issues, and do not be afraid to open the keyboard and mod some of these issues away. It is very easy, if not just time consuming, and the GMMK PRO might open this door of vast opportunities