TKD Cycle7 Mechanical Keyboard Kit

TKD Cycle7 Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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Cycle7 represents the new stage for mechanical keyboards

This is a 70% (FRL) keyboard. Compared to the traditional TKL, this layout omits the function keys row but retains a separate function area and arrow keys. This is the first project designed by TKD, the new Vertex and Equalz brand.

All keyboard kits come with Wired Hotswap PCB and Aluminum Plate

Case Color
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  • Size: 70%/FRL (357x119x32.5mm) 
  • 2 ways of gasket mounted: Gasket-Bean and Gasket-Strip
  • 7° Typing slope
  • 18.20mm front height (not including feet thickness)
  • Anodization (5 Colors)/TKD Coating (7 Colors) for keyboard cases
  • Sandblasting finishing for internal weight
  • SS sandblasting, SS mirror polishing, or SS mirror PVD (6 colors) for external weight and LED Module (color matches with weight option)
  • All PCBs come with flex cuts (but with PCB-cut plugs, to cover the flex cuts if desired) except the Uncut Soldered Wired PCB
  • Wired or Wireless PCBs
  • WK or WKL layouts available
  • Soldered (ISO and ANSI) or Hotswap (ANSI Only) PCBs available

Supported Layouts for Soldered PCB

Supported Layouts for Hotswap PCB

Package Includes:

  • Case x 1
  • Carrying case x 1
  • Plate x 1
  • PCB x 1
  • Equalz V3 Stabilizer x 1
  • Gasket Strip x 1
  • Gasket Bean x 1
  • PE Foam x 1
  • Plate Foam x 1
  • Case Foam x 1
  • PCB-cut Plugs x 1
  • Bumpons x 1
  • USB-C Cable x 1
  • Switch puller x 1
  • Does not come with switches and keycaps