TKD Cycle7 Mechanical Keyboard Kit

TKD Cycle7 Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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Cycle7 represents the new stage for mechanical keyboards

This is a 70% (FRL) keyboard. Compared to the traditional TKL, this layout omits the function keys row but retains a separate function area and arrow keys. This is the first project designed by TKD, the new Vertex and Equalz brand.

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  • Size: 70%/FRL (357x119x32.5mm) 
  • 2 ways of gasket mounted: Gasket-Bean and Gasket-Strip
  • 7° Typing slope
  • 18.20mm front height (not including feet thickness)
  • Anodization (5 Colors)/TKD Coating (7 Colors) for keyboard cases
  • Sandblasting finishing for internal weight
  • SS sandblasting, SS mirror polishing, or SS mirror PVD (6 colors) for external weight and LED Module (color matches with weight option)
  • All PCBs come with flex cuts (but with PCB-cut plugs, to cover the flex cuts if desired) except the Uncut Soldered Wired PCB
  • Wired or Wireless PCBs
  • WK or WKL layouts available
  • Soldered (ISO and ANSI) or Hotswap (ANSI Only) PCBs available

Supported Layouts for Soldered PCB

Supported Layouts for Hotswap PCB

Package Includes:

  • Case x 1
  • Carrying case x 1
  • Plate x 1
  • PCB x 1
  • Equalz V3 Stabilizer x 1
  • Gasket Strip x 1
  • Gasket Bean x 1
  • PE Foam x 1
  • Plate Foam x 1
  • Case Foam x 1
  • PCB-cut Plugs x 1
  • Bumpons x 1
  • USB-C Cable x 1
  • Switch puller x 1
  • Does not come with switches and keycaps

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