Ditch plastic

Chroma keyboard's full aluminum body ensures a satisfying weight and pleasurable typing experience

Easy building

Build your dream keyboard in 1-2-3! Assembling your own keyboard is a super satisfying experience. Still got questions? Just write us below

Use it your way

Chroma adapts to you! Wireless or wired. ANSI layout or European ISO. Chroma is ready to adapt to your needs

Imagine a world in color 🎨


Connect it your way 🛜


We want Chroma to be accessible but without sacrificing quality

Chroma starts at 189 Euros (Including 21% VAT)

Chroma Cerakote start at 239 Euros (Including 21% VAT)

Please note: Options such as wireless and/or cerakote colorways will increase the price of the keyboard

1x Chroma Aluminum Chassis (Color of choice)
1x Aluminum or PC Plate
1x Backweight (brass, copper or black aluminum)
1x Accent (brass, copper or black aluminum)
1x Carrying Case
1x Chroma Cleaning wipe
1x Hotswap PCB (Wired or wireless of choice) - Wireless includes Battery
1x Daughterboard
1x PCB-to-Daughterboard JST Connecting cable
2 x O-ring ( 2 different hardnesses included)
4 x AKB Feet
1x Chroma Sticker on Foil
1x Chroma Box
1x Auth card / Thank you card

Does not include keycaps, stabilizers, and switches.

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Our Chroma photos 🖼️

Chroma Splash side view with Graphite keycaps

Splash with brass backweight and accent

Sunglow with copper backweight and accent

Chroma Sunglow with brass backweight and accent

Chroma Lime with black anodized backweight and accent

Chroma Splash with Graphite Keycaps