Chroma Keyboard Kit
Chroma Keyboard Kit
Chroma Keyboard Kit

Chroma Keyboard Kit

Chroma Keyboard Kit

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Chroma keyboard kit makes a splash! 🎨

The new wave of personal keyboards enters in. Chroma is the new lineup in the ELOQUENT arsenal.

Chroma's full aluminum body offer the best typing experience, Chroma displays a wide range of colors, and its wired or wireless that promises to be everything you wanted in a keyboard. 

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Pairs well with

  • Chroma starts at 189 Euros (21% VAT Included)
  • Wide Color selection, including Cerakote options
  • Wired and Wireless
  • ANSI and ISO Layouts
  • O-ring mounted

Plug and Play

Chroma will be available in wired and wireless formats!

Distribution supports ANSI and ISO. Both available in Hotswap!

Powered by the ever trusting VIA
Wireless can be configured via ZMK

wireless options (battery included)

What does Chroma Include?

1x Chroma Aluminum Chassis (Color of choice)
1x Aluminum or PC Plate
1x Backweight (brass, copper or black aluminum)
1x Accent (brass, copper or black aluminum)
1x Carrying Case
1x Chroma Cleaning wipe
1x Hotswap PCB (Wired or wireless of choice) - Wireless includes Battery
1x Daughterboard
1x PCB-to-Daughterboard JST Connecting cable
2 x O-ring ( 2 different hardnesses included)
4 x AKB Feet
1x Chroma Sticker on Foil
1x Chroma Box
1x Auth card / Thank you card

Does not include keycaps, stabilizers, and switches.