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Chroma, as it meant to be typed on. 

Finding all the parts needed to build your keyboard is difficult? Making everything match? Near Impossible. 

Chroma Complete aims to deliver an all-in-one experience keyboard outside the box.

This edition includes the Chroma Keyboard Kit + TX Stabilizers + Vertex V one Switches + GMK CYL CHROMATIC Keycap set.

Everything needed to build the keyboard and improve your typing

Looking for the Chroma barebone version

Backweight & Accent
Regular price $309.00
  • Wide Color selection, including Cerakote options
  • Wired Hotswap PCB
  • ANSI and ISO Layouts
  • O-ring mounted
  • 60% Tsangan Layout
  • QMK/VIA Compatible

PCB Layout Support

What does Chroma Include?

1x Chroma Aluminum Chassis (Color of choice)
1x Aluminum or PC Plate
1x Backweight (brass, copper or black aluminum)
1x Accent (brass, copper or black aluminum)
1x Carrying Case
1x Hotswap Wired PCB (1.6mm thickness)
1x Daughterboard
1x PCB-to-Daughterboard JST Connecting cable
2 x O-ring (50A and 60A hardnesses)
4 x AKB Feet

The complete version includes:

  • A full Chroma keyboard kit
  • 70 x Vertex V One Switches
  • 1 set of TX AP Clip-in Stabilizers
  • GMK CYL Chromatic Keycap Set

Looking for an extra PCB or backweight? Check the add-ons

Pre-order timeframe: May 15th to June 15th
ETA: Q4 2024

In-stock drop: Q4 2024