This number pad-sized keyboard combines all the premium features of the Q-Series keyboards, making it the ideal choice for those who require numeric functionality.
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Pairs well with

  • QMK/VIA Compatible: Customize your keyboard to your heart's content with QMK and VIA firmware support.
  • Tray Mount Design: The tray mount design ensures a sturdy and satisfying typing experience.
  • Hotswap: Easily swap out switches without soldering, allowing for seamless customization.
  • Full Aluminum Body: Enjoy the sleek and premium feel of a full aluminum body construction.
  • Foam and Screw-in Stabilizers Included: Enhance typing stability and minimize noise with the included foam and screw-in stabilizers.
  • Mac and Windows Compatible: Use the Q0 with your preferred operating system, whether it's macOS or Windows.
  • South Facing RGB: Experience vibrant and customizable RGB lighting with south-facing LEDs.

Premium Components and Accessories

Similar to other keyboards in the Q-Series, the Q0 comes equipped with top-notch components and accessories:

  • Gateron G Pro Red Switches (for the Fully Assembled version): Experience smooth and responsive typing with the included Gateron G Pro Red switches.
  • Doubleshot OSA Profile PBT Keycaps (for the Fully Assembled version): Enjoy high-quality keycaps with the popular OSA profile for a comfortable and durable typing experience.
  • Steel Plate: The steel plate provides structural rigidity and ensures consistent key actuation.
  • Stabilizers: Included stabilizers contribute to a smooth and balanced typing feel.
  • Case Foam: Enhance the sound and typing experience with the included case foam.
  • Sound Absorbing Foam: Minimize keyboard noise for a distraction-free environment.
  • 15+ Types of RGB Light: Customize the lighting to match your style and preferences.
  • USB Type-C Connection: Enjoy a reliable and fast connection with the USB Type-C interface.
  • 1000Hz Polling Rate: Experience lightning-fast response times for precise and accurate typing.

Everything You Need in One Box

The Q0 comes with all the essential accessories to get you started right away:

  • Type-C to Type-C Cable: Connect your Q0 to your device effortlessly.
  • Type-C to Type-A Adapter: Ensure compatibility with various devices using the included adapter.
  • Switch Puller: Easily remove and replace switches for further customization.
  • Keycap Puller: Conveniently remove keycaps when needed.
  • Screwdriver: The included screwdriver allows for easy assembly and modification.